SI-DEX Terms of Use

The information sought and used on this sight is of public record and may contain information a real estate agency listed, off market, or unlisted property. Your use of the site represented on this site was of your own interest in acquiring information for personal purposes only. Furthermore, you agree that your use of this site was not in solicitation to sell, purchase, or represent the interest of any user on behalf of,, is employees or associates in any way. By entering, using, or registering on this site, you hereby warrant the point of contact was initiated by you, the site user, and any and all correspondence between,, SI-DEX employees, associates, or representatives. If your home is listed for sale with another real estate firm, we advise you to speak with the agency that represents your home prior to registering.

Information use: The information provided by any registered user allows any representative of this company to access that data, and any information contained on this site. We take privacy of information seriously; no third party is given or able to access it. Only representatives or employees have access. We take the highest quality care about unauthorized access to data contained on our servers but cannot guarantee it.,, may change these terms at any time in its sole discretion. Changes to our terms of use will be effective immediately and readily posted to this site. Any use beyond that notification, seen or unseen, has been made will constitute acceptance of and the agreement and all its changes. Any user of this site waives the right to receive specific notice of such changes to these terms of service. You are responsible for regularly reviewing this sites terms of service.

You, the user, hold harmless and absolve any and all liability, in whole or in part, actions of any party who deems that information obtained, its correctness, use consistent with information obtained, was used in the basis of decision of any person, business or entity. You agree SI-DEX estimates are that of opinion and in no way constitutes the use of the displayed information as fact. By using this site, you are fully aware that property and home value is only established at the point of sale.


Requests for removal of a property address.

Information obtained and shown are that of public record and displayed as such. While we will take a look at any particular circumstance that has to do with a possible removal, it is no way guarantee that we do so. 

The site, in general, is used for informational proposes only. You agree to hold harmless and all information that submitted or displayed inaccurately. We will make the best attempt to resolve specific issues or inaccuracies, but make no specific guarantee to do so, or in any specific timeframe. 

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