With two weeks to go our Presidential poll: Is it Clinton or Trump?

October 24th. 2016

Staten Island You Decide in our Presidential Poll! 

There is little doubt, the nature of this year's presidential campaign is probably one of the most contentious in Amercian History. In many instances both candidates leveling serious charges at one another. Leaks from Wikileaks revealing exchanges between the DNC and Hillary Clinton Staffers have been raining down almost daily. In addition, FBI scandals dealing with Benghazi email security classifications, among others. The expose of the leaks seem to have dampened enthusiasm on Clinton's Campaign the last few days. The latest polling from Bloomberg and YouGov shows a tightening race across Battleground States like Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina. On the other side, Donald Trump's campaign had its own scandal as well, an expose on camera catching unflattering moment of a private conversation with Donald Trump and NBC reporter Billy Bush. This is among other allegations of inappropriate behavior with several women. However, based on some of the recent national polling showing a tightening race, we're just not certain voters aren't slowly putting that in the rear view mirror. 

From rigged polling to rigged election charges to character assassinations between the Clinton and Trump Camps, it's been almost a surreal election season. It's high stakes leading up to November 8th's Presidential Election, so we decided to give you a voice right here, so vote in our poll and let's see where things stand with you. Our poll closes on Friday, October 28th at 4:00 PM EDT. 

We'll give you a bit of a rundown on the Presidential Polls we run over the next several weeks based on some of the feedback we get. So stay tuned! Keep comments to a reasonable tone, and avoid foul language, we reserve the right to remove. 

After registering vote refresh the page to see the results. 

Who do you think is your choice for President of The United States?

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