Why Sell with Real Estate SINY Part III

September 27th. 2017

We mentioned it in our first segment, but with new cutting edge software to determine the value of your home we separate ourselves from any other real estate company in the market. This one of a kind program gives Staten Island homeowners a say on their properties home value for life.


Say you bought your home in 2007, and now you`re thinking after 10 years it`s time for a change. You are thinking of putting your home on the market but so much has changed. You added a pool in the backyard, your kitchen is redone, and you added an additional bedroom and newly renovated all the bathrooms. Your home is definitely in better condition than you left it.


So you take to the internet and go on si-dex.com to search the address of your home. Once you verify the property is yours our brokers will send you an evaluation based on market analysis. But you disagree? Challenge the value by “Requesting a Value Update” and our team will formulate an accurate assessment. But what if the value of my house changes in this crazy market? Don`t worry because our team communicates updates on your homes value almost instantly!


Si-dex is changing the way Staten Island does real estate and we encourage you to be apart of the movement.


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