Why Sell with Real Estate SINY Part 1

September 13th. 2017

Team RealEstate SINY has been changing the real estate game since 2010. Our modern, millenial approach and our state of the art software, along with our agents make us a premier choice for all of your real estate needs. Below take a look at part one of a three part special on why we are the perfect people to sell your home.


1. SI-Dex:

Our software markets buyers to sellers. It gives the home owners a say. Now offering free home estimates to any home on Staten Island AND we let you challenge our estimate if you feel its wrong. We can do this for any home regardless of whether your house is on the market or not. You also can see a history of all value changes to your property. Since we only service Staten Island, we can provide much more accurate estimates on properties.


2. Multimedia: 

The times are changing and we are changing with them. We are up to date with the latest technology, and, through all our social media channels your home will be seen by 10,000 to 15,000 viewers within the first week. With our HD Home Tours: your home will be filmed, edited, and published by our in-house filming and PR team. Allowing buyers to see your home without physically going there.

3. Buyers to Sellers Ratio:

With over 27,000 existing registrants we have a much higher ratio of making sure your home gets sold. We keep our viewers engaged and sellers get the traffic and attention of people who are truly intersted in buying their homes. Our approach is much more personalized and unique to making sure sellers and buyers both feel good about the home buying process.


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