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June 16th. 2016

The team at RealEstateSINY.com is excited to announce the launch of its revolutionary market platform, SI-Dex. This hybrid model combines known market factors with an evaluation of each home’s unique features to generate the most accurate price the house would typically fetch today.

Traditionally, home values have remained largely a mystery to the average person up until the point of sale. It has been extremely difficult for homeowners to determine the value of their most precious asset years before they are even ready to sell. Not only are market factors complex at times, but it is hardly simple to determine how all the aspects of each individual home sway the price tag.

Some online companies have emerged to serve as the in-between solution, giving homeowners a number based on known property data even if they are not ready to sell. These websites, however, only present a fraction of the full picture. This leads to a void in the process for making a more accurate assessment of a property’s value. Thus, the figure is frequently inaccurate.

This is what makes SI-Dex so influential in the field of real estate. With this technology, you will now have the ability to obtain the most updated value. SI-Dex seeks to bridge the gap between computer-generated estimates and individual factors.

Users can begin right away by entering their address, registering and maintaining a proper profile that best represents its value over time. At first glance, you will notice a value estimate already generated for any given property. But at RealEstateSINY.com, we know how fluid these numbers can be and just how many factors can change them. This is why YOU are invited to challenge the value we provide, and personally explain why you think it should be updated!

“SI-Dex has kept RealEstateSINY.com’s mission true to its core, which is to provide the online tools, local expertise, and transparency necessary to maintain the highest standards in the real estate industry,” says co-owner Anthony Licciardello. “Today marks RealEstateSINY.com’s most distinguished achievement since its opening, competing with some of the most well-known online real estate portals, providing the transparency and the tools necessary for both home owners and buyers alike in providing real estate information and services locally.”

Once a registered user challenges the data we have available, we will assign the task to a professional who will do the groundwork required to maintain the most accurate value. This provides a human element unlike anything provided by our competition, expanding beyond the limits of technology alone.

“It is going to impact the industry in a way that allows the consumer to have control over their own home in regards to the public’s perception of value,” Irena Popilevsky, also co-owner of RealEstateSINY.com, states about how the industry will be rocked by the platform. “SI-Dex was created to benefit the consumer because they finally have oversight of how their home fits into the marketplace. Now, the value determination is not solely in the hands of an outside source that publishes their home value without having any presence or knowledge of the local market.”

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