Tech Corner: Why You Need An Air Fryer In Your Healthy Kitchen!

March 31st. 2017

Whether you are fully devoted clean eater or trying to cut back on some fats and calories, it is time to add an air fryer into your kitchen! This is going to be the right appliance that will adapt to your healthy eating needs, making the air fryer the perfect solution and addition to your countertops!

You can fry up all your favorite quality pleasures without all that oil and added fat. Instead of using hot boiling oil that your need to dunk your food into to cook, the technology in the air fryer unit exposes your food to constantly be hit with circulating heat, allowing it to cook through simultaneously. The hot air will make your food crispy on the outside but tender on the inside. You do not need to turn or flip and ideally, it cooks piles of food, making enough for a family of four.

While flipping is not required, many food bloggers have recommended doing so to prevent from sticking and creating an even browning. Not only will flipping them make the basket easier to clean, it will result in even browning.

The Airfryer can bake, grill, fry, and roast practically any kind of food being usefully for every meal of the day! You can make grill cheese sandwiches for lunch, grilled salmon for dinner, and even cook the kids chicken nuggets and french fries. Finally, end the day with a batch of cookies! You can even warm up any leftovers. Unlike the microwave, which is really not that good for you and makes your leftovers soggy, the air fryer will cook the leftovers in minutes without losing the food’s crisp.

Ideally, it also cuts your cooking time in half since you will not have to clean up oil, which we all know is a pain! You can actually just throw most the parts into your dishwasher to clean them. As for the main body of the air fryer, all you have to do is wipe it clean and you are good to go!

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