Tech Corner: Whirlpool's Futuristic and Interactive Kitchen Stovetop

January 20th. 2017

Last week, we talked about CES 2017 and the best smart home tech that was shown. It was clear to see that Amazon’s Alexa was taking over the home innovations. Including how the A.I assistant from Amazon, and even Amazon’s Dash service will be a part of Whirlpool’s vision of the futuristic kitchen.

A lot of these technologies are already available today, but when you put them all together, we are going to get a pretty powerful kitchen. The Whirlpool’s kitchen of the future would be interactive with a touchscreen display that knows it is you, being able to display your information from your calendar, upcoming appointments, as well as connecting with useful smart gadgets around your home.

The cooking surface would be a massive touchscreen and would display information that would be pulled from your smartphone or tablet. It will allow you to be able to change music streaming on your audio system, keep you updated from different social media feeds, display various information, such as your calendar, appointments and agenda, weather, and more while being voice controlled.

Since it is voice controlled and can connect to other smart home gadgets, it is able to connect to Alexa to control certain services, such as streaming music, online searches, and reading your day’s agenda. This will also connect to Amazon’s Dash replenishment services to reorder groceries and shopping list materials.

The feature of this interactive display we find useful is that It would be able to display recipes right on the surface while you are cooking, preventing you from having to keep going back to read it from a tablet or book. If you are someone who cooks as much as we do, you will appreciate this one feature the most, especially when you are on working with recipes from Pinterest and your phone/tablet keeps locking.

The cooking surface use induction to heat pots, allowing you to cook on the counter, reducing the risk of burning your hands. This high-tech induction cooktop kick in by detecting the actual position of your pans and only heating up those areas. Instead of limiting yourself to just burner locations and sizes, the auto-sensors of the inductor will match size and location of your cookware. You can even move the pan around and the computer will update its position. Induction heating elements only interact with metals.

Whirlpool’s idea is to produce a large and thin tablet like device that would go over the inductions, creating the digital touchscreen technology surface. However, they are still very far from this concept.

The model at CES was only a mockup and a non-interactive projection. The company says this technology is in is in active development and are hoping to get it on the market within five years from now. We will check back with you in 2022 and see what the status is!

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