Tech Corner: We Want An Amazon Go on Staten Island!

February 17th. 2017

Amazon has revealed plans for a brick-and-mortar grocery store with NO cashiers! If you have yet to heard about this store, Amazon Go Stores will be free of lines, registers, and no checkout! Instead of waiting in lines, customers will be able to just walk out, paying for the products using an app on their phones!

Amazon Go is a new one-of-a-kind store with no checkout required. Amazon created the world’s most advanced shopping technology so you never have to wait in line when you shop with them: computer vision, deep learning algorithms, and sensor fusion, all similar technology you can find in self-driving cars, is used to operate the Amazon Go stores.

They are calling it “Just Walk Out Technology”; with their Just Walk Out shopping experience, you use the Amazon Go app to enter the store via scanner. Then, put away your phone and begin shopping.The Just Walk Our Technology automatically detects when products are taken and returned to the shelves, keeping track of it in your virtual cart on the Amazon Go app. Anything you pick up is automatically added to your virtual cart. If you pick up something, change your mind, and put it back, the technology in the store will update your virtual cart automatically!

Once you are done shopping, you just leave the physical store. Shortly after leaving, your virtual cart will be totaled and charged to your Amazon account. The receipt is sent to your app and you can just go off about your day!

The store will be about 1,800 square feet of retail space that is conveniently compact so busy customers can get in and out rather swiftly. The store will offer selections of ready-to-eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks options that are made fresh every day by the on-site chefs and local kitchens and bakeries. Then, the grocery selections range from bread and milk to cheeses and locally made chocolates. You could find well-known brands as well as local products. There will also be “Blue Apron” type boxes; it will be a quick home-cooked dinner you pick up, which will be designed by an Amazon chef, known as chef-designed Amazon Meal Kits. It will include all the ingredients you will need to make a meal for two in 30-minutes.

The only location at the moment is in Seattle, Washington, and will be opening up very soon! Once they start branching out, we are hoping they consider Staten Island, New York, as one of their future locations.

Fellow Staten Islanders have been petitioning for a Whole Foods for about two years, however, the franchise has not made their way over to the fifth borough of New York City. After reading about Amazon Go store, which grocery market would you rather see come to the island?

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Which Grocery Market Would You Rather See Come to the Staten Island?

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