Tech Corner: Upgrade Your Home's WiFi with Eero!

February 24th. 2017

Eero is the world’s first home WiFi system that was designed to stay new and to get better the longer it lives in your home. About every other week, the company release software updates that will improve speed, reliability, and interoperability, as well as added new features. Now, they are receiving their biggest update yet.

We can find it easy to forget that most networking equipment becomes obsolete rather quickly and need to be updated more often than we actually do it. And we are not just talking about over-the-air (OTA) updates, but the difficult to install security patches and, sooner or later, a new router.

Becoming an Eero owner, you will see updated about every two weeks that will improve the basic functions needed. The occasionally, you will receive larger OTA updates, such as this one!

First up, the company will be introduction TrueMesh™, the next generation of eero’s mesh technology. At the core of this software, the upgrade will provide improvements to eero’s mesh routing algorithms, enabled by the learning the device has gathered through networks and running in your home. This is an update that will run overnight, and all by morning, your will be provided with 2X the land area network speed to your home’s network, greater intelligence on how your network adapts around your home, and flexibility to add more eeros to your system!

Truemesh uses advanced protocols to ensure that the link between each eero is stronger than before; data can move through your home at even faster speeds. Typical high-performance internet plans in most United States cities have a 100Mbp download speed. Instead, you will be able to stream 4K UHD video in the farthest corner of your home, on multiple devices, simultaneously, while still getting seamless WiFi connections everywhere else in your home.

Eero’s original mesh technology has always automatically switched between 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio bands to find the clearest channel. Now with TrueMesh included in their system, your network becomes even more intelligent. TrueMesh will have a better understand how all your eeros are connected to each other and connected to all your devices. From that, it will always find the best route for data through your network and quickly switch paths to avoid any interference.

Another feature being added to eero is a relationship with Amazon’s Echo. Eero has partnered with Alexa to reimagine how you can control and use WiFi throughout your home even better. If you own an Echo, you will be able to find your find based on the eero it is connected to, pause the internet [like for family dinners], or even turn off your eero LED light through simple voice commands.

Finally, the new app features will give you a better view of your network. Instead of your WiFi being hidden within the router, and you not knowing what is going on, eero wo;; provide you a better view on what is happening on your network in their app. You will be able to see how much data you are using to even understanding the connection strength of a certain eero. Since eero is always trying to improve your connection. The app will also suggest ways optimize your network through better placement or detect and alert you if there is an issue with your modem or Internet Service Provider.

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