Tech Corner: Switching From the iPhone to Google Pixel, and Other Android Devices

January 6th. 2017

Now that the holidays are complete, we have had some time to get adjusted with our new gadgets. If you were part of the many that switched from iPhone to the Google Pixel, you may have also been amongst the few who learned that the switch was not as simple as marketed.

In October 2016, Google announced at their event that they would be shipping a dongle (a USB-OTG adapter) with every Pixel phone that is sold so that it can help iPhone users migrate their data to Android. Something that was not marketed, and this conclusion did not cross many of our minds who were making the switch, was that it was going to take at least a weekend worth of working through this transition: getting the data organized, resetting up apps (since that was not the many things that would transfer), and making sure all the information was there. 

Broadly speaking, the migrating worked mostly fine but the process was painful to deal with. To prevent you from having to go through that much frustration, here are some things you should be aware of and do beforehand/during the process!

Turn Off iMessage!

One BIG thing that was not noted in the switch is your iMessages and group messages and how they will be affected. Before going through the process of transferring, turn iMessage off in the settings of your iPhone, as well as turning off FaceTime. I would advise doing this at least a week to a month before making the switch, only using your iPhone with text messages (SMS/green bubbles). It takes a while on Apple’s end to let other phone know you are no longer are using iMessage. This means, that if you are in a current conversation or group chat as an iMessanger, the phone will not realize you made the switch to Android and continue to let that user send you iMessage texts. Therefore, you will not receive these messages. Alerting these fellow people to delete the current message chat and start as new can also work in your favor.

You might have to buy some of your apps

If you have apps that you paid for in the App Store on your iPhone, you are going to have to pay for them again on the Google Play Store if you want them on your Android phone. You should also be aware that some apps that you have now, may not be available on the Google Play Store.

The Google Play Store and App Store are completely different entities, and the apps they each house are made for different platforms. This means that there also may be apps from the App Store that were free but you have to pay to have on the Google Play Store. These are things to keep in mind and look into before making the switch. The Google Play Store can be accessed and searched through on a computer if you want to look into it before even deciding on the switch. 

Re-sync your life!

If you are a strong iCloud user, really consider what you are about to get yourself into. This will mean having to sync all your contacts, calendar events, photos, documents, and music from iCloud to Google.

If you already have a Google account, these things may not be too much of a hassle to deal with. If you do not have a Google account, this is something you will and should get ASAP to use you Google Pixel.

Other things you will need to know

If you are switching from an iPhone to an Android device that is not a Pixel, do not panic that you will need to manually enter all this information yourself. There are several tutorials and ways you can find online to help you transfer your contacts, calendar events, photos, and documents to your new device. (That Google account will be one of these bigger benefits for this).

If you did get the Google Pixel, after about an hour it will generally take to transfer over the information, please check that all your contacts, photos, and messages appear. In some cases, not all this fully went through, and there were some things missing.

After a while, you will begin to settle into your Pixel phone and the transition will no longer feel foreign. You will even begin to adjust to not having a home button and the fingerprint sensor will no longer seem as weird as you may have thought. Being able to access a majority of the device’s functions on their online platforms has also been entirely helpful with work and personal use. Also, having widgets and functions such as the multitask split screen, search, and “FX” for your files has made this phone feel more useful, customizable, and accessible. 

The switch is scary, but once you get over some of the speed bumps, it is easy cruising from here on out!

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