Tech Corner: Save The Earth With Elon Musk's Solar Powered Rooftop Shingles!

March 3rd. 2017

Some people compare him to an evil villain, other consider him a scientific superhero; The real-life Captain Planet, Elon Musk, the Co-Founder, and CEO of Tesla Motors and Space X, plans to save us all by reshaping the world’s use of solar energy.

Over ten years ago, Elon Musk himself took to his blog to tell everyone the secret to Tesla Motor’s Master PlanIn a quick summary, he planned on creating electric cars in all shapes and sizes, being able to cost various different prices for any consumer, providing a battery that is not toxic to the environment, and providing solar power to everyone! After acquiring SolarCity, a sun-to-vehicle energy firm, Musk is ready to move on to phase two...or, as he likes to call it “The Master Plan, Part Deux”. 

Just shortly after sealing the deal with SolarCity, Musk told everyone about Tesla’s new solar roof product. What Musk had unveiled was that his rooftop shingles that will be the evolution of solar powered homes! The sun provides more than enough energy in a single hour to power not only our home but the entire planet for an entire year! Seeking clean and renewable energy, Musk wants homeowners to take advantage of the sun’s free and abundant energy source with rooftop solar tiles, turning sunlight into electricity for immediate use, or store it in the Powerwall battery.

The shingles will be made of textured glass, transforming light into power with the built-in solar panels that are invisible from the street, yet fully exposed to the sun above.  Tesla's forthcoming solar panel roofs will actually cost less than regular shingle roofs. The sleek, solar panel shingles will weight less than regular roofing materials, meaning the subsided shipping cost will come down, making them affordable for most homeowners budgets. Additionally, once installed into your home, the shingles will save you even more by lowering your utility bill.

Each layer of the solar roof tiles acts in different ways to power your home. The bottom layer is called the “Color Louver Film”. It allows cells to blend into the roof while exposing them to the sun above. The “High-Efficiency Solar Cell” is the next layer and it produces energy even during high-temperature

days. The top layer, known as the “Tempered Glass” is extremely durable and impact resistant.

The roof’s energy will consume power from the sun and be stored in the brand new Powerwall 2, Tesla home battery: when the sun is out, solar panels will power your house, as well as charging the Powerwall at the same time. When the sunsets, the charged Powerwall will kick into power your house until the sun rises again.

The solar roof tiles will come in four distinct styles to complement your home: Tuscan glass tile, slate glass tile, textured glass tile, and smooth glass tile. Production for these roofs do not begin until the middle of this year, but you can join the waiting list to be the first person in your neighborhood to get Tesla’s solar roof! 

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Jared March 6th. 2017

On Friday, May 3, 2017, I had a representative from Solar City evaluate my home for solar panels. I was told the solar singles would not work for my home because they were only for large homes. Based on the evaluation I am leaning toward a traditional roof and am not sure if I want to bother with installation of the traditional solar panels. My home is in need of a new roof, so it is a time-sensitive issue for me and I would like to speak with a knowledgeable representative. I don't know if I believe the sales pitch I received from the Solar City representative. Does anyone know of a person I could speak with know knows what the "same price as a traditional roof" actually means? I don't want to go with a traditional option only to see I should have gone with this new technology this year.

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