Tech Corner: Organize Your Garage with Auxx-Lift

March 17th. 2017

If you are getting to the point that there is more storage in your garage than tools and cars, it is time to finally make some room in your garage again! When the attic is filled and you do not want to turn to the cost of monthly storage unit fees, the best way for us to organize our garages is with Auxx-Lift.

Giving ourselves extra space while still providing a spot for storage is what Auxx-Lift can do for your home. It will keep your belongings out of the way, getting rid of the closed-in and chaotic feels in your garage or storage room; therefore, giving you more floor and workspace. We know you want to park your car in your garage or use that room to get a ping pong table finally!

The ceiling mounted motorized system raises and lowers for easy access, allowing you to easily utilize storage space. Just one lift alone will give you 32-square feet of additional floor space. Shall we mention again the possibilities of what you can do what that extra valuable floor space?

The tough and durable motorized system lifts and stores 400 pounds conveniently and safely, being able to load and store heavy and large items to the ceiling without the need for a ladder. The lift is perfect for storing more than just boxes; it can store heavier items, such as furniture, lawn mowers, tires, snow plow, etc. The heavy duty construction with the industrial grade steel cables, extra support beams, and the 4-by-8-foot platform is made from high-quality materials that are made to handle tough loads.

It comes with two powerful ½ hp motors to move the lift and the use of c-channel beams make it the safest and strongest storage. Using a wireless remote, you will be able to navigate the lifts up and down, which means no need to balance on a ladder. All you need to do is push a button to easily access.

The purchase of an Auxx-lift range from $789 to $1,789, all depending on the number of lifts you purchase and which silver finishing you choose.

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