Tech Corner: Make Your Valentine's Day HOT With The Paragon Induction Hotplate!

February 10th. 2017

As we wait patiently for Whirlpool’s Futuristic kitchen, we can begin to get used to induction cooktops now! The Paragon system brings quality to any induction cookware using temperature control instead of traditional power control.

Have you ever found yourself cooking a dish and realizing it is not evenly cooking on the stove? Ever make pancakes that are starting to burn on the outside but they are still uncooked in the middle? This does not mean you are a bad cook, it just means that the heat is not being disturbed properly in your pan.

Traditional stove cooktops have settings of low to high. Temperatures can affect the flavor of ingredients, sometimes leaving you unable to cook like a pro. This company took a new direction to the cooktop by thinking of everything as an oven’s system; like baking, this hotplate will be precise and consistent with temperature to craft the best dishes you can cook!

The Paragon Induction Cooking System is the newest innovation from FirstBuild. It is a new smart cooking system that helps you precisely control your pan’s temperature and will automatically adjust the burner’s output so your delicious dish can be cooked correctly.

Paragon comes with a smart induction cooktop, a mat for pans which will directly monitor and control the cookware’s temperature, and a probe for pots containing liquids to help you control the liquid’s temperatures.These accessories are connected to each other via Bluetooth. The cooktop will continuously communicate with the accessories to monitor and maintain the perfect temperature wirelessly.

To start cooking, you will simply us any induction-ready cookware. If you are using a pan, place the mat on the cooktop.  For pots containing a liquid, place the probe on the edge of the pot. Like your oven, the Paragon Induction Cooking System allows you to set a cooking temperature for the induction burner, which can be set directly on the cooktop or through the FirstBuild App. The app also gives you “precision cooking profiles” for a variety of foods.

You can currently pre-order one on their Indiegogo campaign page for $299. Once they ship in July, you will no longer worry about burning your bacon because you accidentally set the stove range too high.

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