Tech Corner: Lego Boost Kits Will Teach Kids to Build Robots And Code! (CES 2017)

January 27th. 2017

Lego has taken advantage of children's imagination and their interest in coding to unveil the perfect product for kids! At CES 2017, Lego introduced to us all their new toolkit called Boost!

If your kid has an interest in building robots and learning how to code, read along! Lego’s Boost is a tool set that contains motors, sensors, and a companion application. With the combination of these components together, your pile of Legos comes to life with actual motion!

The app will be used to program your child’s creation. The programming language resembles a method of replacing lines of code with puzzle pieces that only fit together in a certain order.  This can sound a little intimidating, however, there is no need to worry; there are step-by-step instructions that come with the kits to assist when building the five different creations:

1. Vernie, the Robot

2. The Guitar 4000

3. The Multi-Tool Rover 4 (M.T.R.4)

4. Frankie, the Cat (who can be programmed to “drink” milk)

5. The Autobuilder (that when put together, can help construct other robots out of Legos!)

The Boost kit works with regular Legos as well, allowing your kids to build what is on their minds and bring them to life! This kit will promote the creativity within and teach children how to bridge their imagination to reality with coding. Definitely, a fun way to get your kids involved in STEM and keep those piles of Legos they already have relevant.

The kit will be an 843-piece starter kit that will cost $160 and are for ages 7 and up. The kits will be available to purchase in August 2017!

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