Tech Corner: Juno Mirror is the First Smart Makeup Mirror

November 18th. 2016

Why do your makeup with a traditional mirror when you can have a smart mirror with great lighting that can be adjusted! Juno Mirror is the first smart makeup mirror that is currently under $50.00! Not only is it a mirror, but it can be transformed into a lamp and has a smartphone application.

You are able to set the Juno Mirror to a light setting and hue that will best match where you are going out to, to take the guessing out of getting ready; “Is my makeup too dark or too light for this place? 

The mirror has various lighting options that can help, with three different mirror settings to reflect either sunlight, daylight, or evening light conditions. If you find a lighting option you like most or know you will be using more often, you can go to the smartphone app to save this preferred setting, ensuring that the mirror will always light up right.

The application also uses your phone’s sensor to detect the lighting surrounding the room you are in. This means that the smart mirror will auto-adjust itself to find the best light you are seeking.

For those avid makeup appliers and beauty bloggers, the Juno Mirror can also function as a professional lighting system. It has “studio lighting technology”, allowing you to be able to shoot your next makeup tutorial or take the perfect selfie right on the mirror’s surface.

The mirror has rechargeable batteries. The batteries will last up to week on a single charge. The adjustable face will you to be able to see yourself in practically any angle. Even more, it is a removable mirror, making it portable and easy to travel with. It also has magnification settings that zoom in up to five times.

When you are done with applying your make-up, Juno’s work is not over! The design allows you transform the mirror into a lamp, ideal for reading.

The Juno Mirror is expected to be $79 dollars once it hit retail. When their Kickstarter goes LIVE on December 5th, you will be able to back the product and receive the mirror for only $39, a $40 dollar savings! *EDIT* Kickstarter is LIVE now! Get your mirror by visiting this link:

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