Tech Corner: Google Home VS Amazon Echo!

October 14th. 2016

Amazon Echo was sitting proudly on the top of the market, being the only smart speaker around since 2014! On October 4th, 2016, Google hosted their Made By Google event announcing many products, including their own smart speaker called Google Home. Let the battles begin! Amazon Echo VS Google Home: Who will win?



While Google Home is not due out until November 4th, pre-orders have begun, and we discovered it only goes for $130. That is a 50 dollar difference from Amazon Echo’s $180 price. But there are much more difference and similarities seen between the two, than just the cost. For instance, Amazon Echo is already in its second generation, with sub products to boost its assistance and capability; something we may not see from the Google line for some time. Let’s break down between the two and figure out what will best suit you and your home.

Both devices include: Respond to voice commands, are always listening, have “wake up” features based on voice commands, plays music from streaming services, compatible with smart-home devices, and can add items to your calendar, make a shopping list, make a checklist, and check your flight status, track a package, and even tell you the traffic to your next destination.

Google Home comes complete with Google’s new Google Assistant, which is a more responsive and conversational AI. This means the commands work with a more conversation voice-command approach. During the event, Google showed how helpful the Google Assistant within Google home can be. By giving the AI access you want it to have, it can tell you about your commute and even plan alternate routes if there is traffic. It can give you a brief on your day, highlighting your calendar, perform hands-free voice-controlled Google searches, and even help you play music on a song you do not even know the name too! While Echo’s personal assistant, Alexa, is built into Echo devices, it does not offer the same type of communication. If you speak a command she is not programmed to know, she will ask you to clarify what you need.

Speaking of music, Google Home will also be able to play multi-room audio. If you are familiar with the SONOS system, it is similar to that. Not only does one Google Home speaker connect to another, it also connects to the Chromecast. This means that home can play to those devices individually, or sync them up to play for each room they are in, like a house party.

Finally, Home has a personalized design with different colored based. Being that the product was designed to fit in with your interior design and not seem so robust, this will be a fitting addition to all the features!

While all this is available for the Home and not the Echo, the Echo does have some advantages. Being that the Amazon smart speaker has been on the market for quite some time, it has grown a presence with other smart-home electronics companies. This means that more companies are already compatible with the Echo, where that are not yet compatible with Home.

Another thing that the Echo has is a personalized command. To wake the Home, you need to say “Okay Google”, a motto known to the company for about four years now. However, the Amazon Echo responds to a name: Alexa. Alexa is also programmed with a list of quirky, fun, and useful applications for the Echo. With over 3,000 options, she can lead you in a game of Tic-Tac-Toe or Bingo. She even has unique games, like a Batman-themed adventure game, and can order you an Uber. (However, we believe the Uber thing is not that unique since Google Home can do that too).

Tech blogs and stats reports are predicting that the Google Home will be better than the Amazon Echo, beating it in sales because of its entertainment hub features and personal assistant advantages. But, we do not want to hear their opinion; WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Which smart speaker do you think will win the battle? Cast your vote in the poll below:


Which smart speaker do you think will win the battle? Amazon Echo or Google Home?

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