Tech Corner: Give Your Pets Their Own Tech Gadget with Pebby!

April 14th. 2017

With our day-to-day schedules, having to leave our pets home alone, we end up leaving the house each day for work feeling guilty. Then, returning home from work, we sometimes to not have the luxury to give our all the attention. If you are like us, your pets are a part of your family and you want to make sure that furry family member is getting everything they need to live a loving life. That is why Pebby is going to make a great tech gadget addition to your home!

The smartphone-controlled mechanized ball is designed to keep pets active and happy, while letting owners still play with them while on the go! Pebby is a smart collar and ball system that gives you access to monitor and entertain your pet using your cell phone. To run this system, the pack comes with the Pebby color and design customizable ball, charging dock, motion sensor collar, and an app that you can download for free on both your apple and android device.

The mission of the ball is to keep you and your pet playing together, even when you are physically apart. Using WiFi and Bluetooth technology, the Pebby system allows you to remote control the ball. There is a wide-angle fisheye lens built into the ball that gives you an optimal view of your playtime with your pet, allowing you to record, snap and share the images and videos.

You can even set the ball on Auto-Play mode to let Pebby rover around your home on its own. There is also a pet-and-human safe laser that both cats and dogs will enjoy! Also included in this device is a two-way audio and mic system that lets you send pre-recorded messages of your own voice through your phone to your pet.  There are Bark and Nudge Alert notifications to let you know when your pet wants to play with Pebby.

All these interior features are protected by a shatterproof, replaceable polycarbonate casing and the company’s Shock Suspension system makes Pebby play-proof even when your dog is being rough and rowdy. Pebby is even waterproof, so it is okay if your pet pushes the ball into their water bowl.

The best feature about the Pebby ball is that it can charge at any time of the day, even if you are not home. Just drive the ball into its PebbyKennel, a remote self-docking that allows for wireless and fast charging. Along with the previous alerts, you will also get an alert about the battery status, which is not too often since it has a long battery life. Simply drive the ball near the charging dock and let the auto-align function lock it into place.

Finally, the PebbyCollar is a motion sensor that syncs with the ball and tracks your pet’s activities and whereabouts throughout the day. This, as well as many of the other features mentioned above, can be monitored and controlled through the smartphone app.

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