Tech Corner: Get Connected While Camping With Qube!

May 12th. 2017

2017 has been the year that has been flying by! While we are still in shock that it is already May, we are also getting prepared for the Summer months and the activities to follow. If you are a camper, you are going to want to invest in Qube, the tents with a quick pitch for modular camping for a new generation.

Being that some of our staff and realtors at are campers as well, we agree that the most dreadful part of the trip is the setup and the dismantle. Qube is a new quick pitching tent that can be set up in less than two minutes. It is basically out of the bag ready to be set up. And just as quickly as it is to set up, it is to put away. It even has a removable ground sheet, making cleanup easier.

The Qube comes in different sizes and colors, being able to fit two people to four people in one tent, that can be blue, red, orange, green, or black. What makes this tent unique is that it contains universal tunnels which allow you to connect your pitched Qube tent with other Qube tent, creating your own camping set up. In fact, unlike many other tent makers, you can actually stand straight up in Qube! Getting dressed every morning just eliminated the back bends.

You will be able to connect any sized Qube to any other sized Qube. The universal tunnels are on the corners, allowing you to zip up the tents together and set up interconnection for the tents, with endless possibilities to join.


Another issue that occurs with standard tents is the fact that the sun shines right through. Qube’s interior is lined with black, non-shine through the material, allowing you to sleep in just a little extra on this trip. There is also an extensive ventilation system that makes the inside of the tent’s environment cool and unstuffy.

The material is PU coated and has a hydrostatic head rating of 4,000, meaning you will be nice and dry inside, even under heavy rain conditions. The heavy duty 300D Cotton Oxford material benefits the fact that this tent is built to last for many, many years!

In addition, with a separate purchase, there is a solar panel you can get to slip in the inside of the window of the Qube to store power into a 13000mAh battery pack. The solar panel simply unfolds and slips into the pocket behind your window and plugs directly into the battery pack to store this free energy. This battery pack has a capacity to charge a mobile device to full power 5-6 times from one stored charge.

The main purpose for Qube is that they are easy to use and offer you a great space inside. Giving us the feels of the tents seen in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.


You can pre-order Qube today, but unfortunately, shipment will not start until August. However, be the first to get your hands on this tent system, just in time for the end of summer and fall camping trips!

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While Qube cannot be claimed, you can claim your Staten Island home by registering to this website and searching your home’s address, then clicking the “Claim This Home” button on your property’s page. Give it a try today! It is easy to use and free!

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