Tech Corner: Do Not Leave For a Day Outing Without Boost Band!

April 7th. 2017

The start of music festivals begins next week, as we kick into the start of Coachella! Whether it is the shows you want to share, the moments with your friends, or other adventure throughout the summer, do it without risking a power drainage of your devices. During an outing such as these, you start to realize how quickly your phone’s battery begins to die. Do not think about panicking for a hunt to find an outlet. Instead, consider getting Boost Band to accompany you for your event outing.

Boost Band is the perfect wearable device that will charge your phones when you are on the go! Boost Band is unlike any other battery pack charger. About the same size as a physical activity tracker band, this battery bracelet sits on your wrist. Once plugged in, it will give ample amount of power to sufficiently charge your devices.

The boost band is very simple to use. It is designed to get yours through the day or where you are going with just the right amount of power you will need.

To begin, you would start by charging the wristband using a micro USB cord. However, to charge your device on the go, you would plug the device's USB cord into the wristband.

The Boost Band has a 1,350 mAh (milliamp-hour) battery capacity. With the loss in energy converting, the wristband will still get your 10 hours of power, subjective to the device you are charging. Ideally, it should be able to give your iPhone one full charging.

As mentioned above, it is meant to get you through your day. There are more expensive battery packs that will charge your phone several times more, but for what it is worth, it will help you out with a little extra power.

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