Tech Corner: Can Grillbot Make The Perfect Father's Day Gift?

June 7th. 2017

Did you just realize that Father’s Day is June 18th and you only have less than 9 days to get him a gift? Have you been well aware that Father’s Day is approaching but still have no idea what to get? We want to help you give the Dad in your life the best gift this year, that is not a tie. This is why we did all the extensive research for you to find out if the Grillbot will make the perfect Father’s Day gift!

The grillbot is a Roomba for your grill, replacing the worst part about grilling: the cleanup process. This little, cool-looking robot gadget is equipped with a CPU, three independent electric motors, three easily removable wire brushes that pop off for cleaning and are dishwasher safe, and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which can be charged in an outlet.

The bot is fairly simple to use: The batteries for it require eight hours to charge before the first use, but will typically need at least four hours of charging. Once fully charged and all parts are assembled, you just simply set a timer on the LCD screen, push start, and place on the grill to clean, with the lid closed. The bot can be set to clean for 10 to 30 minutes. When the cleaning cycle is complete, and the alarm will go off, alerting you it is done. Press start once for a 10-minute cycle, twice for 20-minutes, and three times for 30-minutes when setting the timer. The battery will last about 3 hours of use before needing to be recharged.

The Grillbot is loud and slams around rapidly. Once you place the bot on the grates for cleaning, close the lid. If you do not keep the lid closed on your grill while the Grillbot is in motion, it may risk the bot of falling off!  

The measurements for the Grillbot is 8-inches in diameter and 3.7-inches in height. It comes in black, blue, orange, and red, with some colors costing more than others. On the Grillbot official website, the bundle (pre-assembled Grillbot) goes for $139.95, or the regular package goes for $119.95 and replacement brushes costing $14.95. However, the Grillbot can be found for prices between $79 to $99.99 on other retailers, such as Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Lowe’s.

The three brass brushes are 2.7-inches and are driven by the electric motors. The Grillbot can be used on a cold or warm grill, just do not use it over an open flame or if the grill is over 250 degrees. There is a built-in heat sensor that will shut down the motors and sound off an alarm if the temperature is too hot for the bot to operate.

Many reviews state that the Grillbot does a relatively good job cleaning the grates, it does leave a few spots around the edges. Most stated that for a quick clean job, like after making burgers, it did find, but for big clean up jobs, you would still do it by hand with a brush. One reviewer states that the Grillbot brushes were able to remove baked on barbecue sauce and grease from a gas grill, but struggled with corners and spaces between the grates. Other reviewers state it did a good job with charcoal grills, with round and thin grates, but still followed the bot with hand brush cleaning.

The Grillbot definitely helps keep your barbecue grates clean. However, if you are getting this for you dad, throw in a hand brush as well, since it sounds like it will be needed too.

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