Tech Corner: Can China's New Train Design Help Staten Island?

December 2nd. 2016

China is planning to build a train that would connect them to the United States. But the first question that comes to mind for us is when will Staten Island get a train to connect to Manhattan or the other boroughs?

In the early 20th Century, there were plans for a Staten Island Tunnel that would connect the Staten Island Railway to Brooklyn’s Fourth Avenue Line. It was planned to extend 10,400 feet, making the planned tunnel to be the world’s largest subway tunnel at the time.

Construction began in 1923, but after the first 150 feet was completed, the project was canceled by New York City Mayor John Hylan. In 1939, proposals to complete the tunnel, with plans, but they were never funded. Today, the tunnel still lies under Owl’s Head Park in Bay Ridge and remains abandoned.

Modern day proposals to complete the tunnel results in this turning into a three billion dollar project. If every completed, it is predicted to improve the quality of life for Staten Islanders, reducing traffic, giving a new option for commuters, and increasing “attractiveness” to the borough.

China is planning to build a high-speed and underwater train that would connect them to the United States. Could their design actually work for us as well?

According to the Beijing Times, China will construct a 125-mile long underwater tunnel from Beijing into Alaska. This trip would take two days since this high-speed train would travel at an average of 220 miles per hour!

The full project, which is named the “China-Russia-Canada-America” line would be 8,078 miles long, over 1,864 miles longer than the Trans-Siberian Railway in Russia, connecting Moscow to China. Situated beneath the icy sea, It will also be four times longer than the English Channel in length.

There is plenty of room for being skeptical since no other Chinese railway experts have come out supporting this proposed project. And it is also unclear on whether they consulted with Russia, Canada, or the United States.  However, if it gets a green light to be engineered, it will be the world’s longest undersea tunnel.

According to the China Daily newspaper, the technology for the tunnel is already in place and will be used to build the high-speed railway, but that the details are yet to be finalized.

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