SI-Dex updates home values in Staten Island’s Dongan Hills Community and the DEX effect.

October 26th. 2016

Okay, let’s start by saying I love data, but often, like robots, it doesn’t understand us, humans. Well, the is one most important variables is how real people evaluate property value. However, that’s also where SI-DEX shines in comparison to other web-based platforms; local people are managing the human factors and making adjustments directly on the SI-DEX website.  So, now let’s enter into several streets in Staten Island’s Dongan Hills community; Cromwell Ave., Buel Ave., Dongan Hills Ave., Alter Ave. amongst several other streets in this mid-Island Community that are receiving more updates this week. Why you may ask?  Well, computer generated values in certain areas are just plain confusing on the computers brain to act human. Let’s, for the sake of this pain in the neck computer algorithm, call it the DEX effect. Sounds technical enough…:)

We'll have the DEX effect in SI-Dex has to do with older homes in areas of spot new construction development. Like when you spot two brand new constructed side hall colonials on a street the has plenty of homes that are built pre-1970, and numerous decades apart. To go a bit further, this is not the only community to expertise this effect; we’re evaluating and updating this one anomaly one community at a time.  SI-Dex incorporates a living square foot into its calculation to give a result. Housing that is older is subject to maintenance and improvement of the property over those years, which is one aspect nearly impossible to track across Staten Island. While two homes can be almost exactly alike on size dimension characteristics, the sale of one can be as high as 20% more than a neighboring home with basically the same structural measurements, but of age and quality condition of the home are largely the uncalculated factors. The result, well let’s just say, not perfect.

 Enter in a few spot new construction developments that can be almost double the price of similar square foot homes constructed twenty plus years ago. SI-Dex does incorporate age factors into its initial algorithm, but its gets rather choppy when there are multiple variable properties within a few blocks of each other. Sections of Dongan Hills is probably the most diverse in housing stock as you will find on Staten Island, making the DEX effect that much more pronounced. 

We can take solace in the fact that each of these considerations is manageable because the size and scope of SI-Dex, being Staten Island based and only focused here allows us…us meaning humans, to add those factors into being considerably more accurate. No other site out there can do this, which makes SI-DEX Unique and best of all interactive.So for those in Dongan Hills, expect initial evaluations to bounce around a bit. 

But again the best way to evaluate a property on SI-DEX is to claim it and then we can get a hold of its value right from your living room. Fortunately for Staten Island homeowners is the first real estate company in the nation to offer a service of this caliber. 

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