Rentals for Tiny Houses on Staten Island for This Summer!

June 14th. 2017

Who says your need to leave Staten Island to find a relaxing and trendy escape?

If you have ever watched Tiny House Hunters on HGTV, then, like us, you must be curious about the tiny house lifestyle. This trend is not exactly a thing in New York City, unless you count some of the tiny apartments throughout the city, until now! A startup that is known for its custom-built tiny houses has installed three units on out South Shore shoreline, here in Staten Island.

The startup, Getaway, is a tiny house rental company that has campsites in the Catskills of upstate New York, as well as outside of Boston. They are currently running a New York City pop-up called “Getaway at Gateway”. It is a collaboration with the National Parks Service and the New York Harbor Conservancy. From now until Labor Day weekend, the company placed three 200-square feet tiny home cabins in the Gateway National Recreation Area in Staten Island, where people can spend the night.

Each of the three cabins is intended for only two people. They come equipped with modest amenities, like a kitchenette with a two-burner propane stove and a cooler, a bathroom with a shower with room temperature water and a composting cartridge toilet. There is also limited electricity and a cell phone lockbox for guest to disconnect. The cabin is also stocked with summer-ready amenities, such Adirondack chairs for lounging, and a campfire ring with firewood right outside the tiny house.

Despite the small size, the houses keep going with its listed features: a large window overlooking the sea, a tiny bed, and snacks, such as granola, oatmeal, and s'mores!

The location within the Gateway National Recreation Area is kept a secret! Visitors are only told how to get to their tiny house rental only 24 hours before their stay, preventing people from being able to do pre-planning before their stay. Guest can rent a unit for $150 a night, with a maximum stay of seven days.

They company has only released half the summer dates so far, with each of those released dates being fully booked already. They open up more available rental days, every day at 10 AM, trying to give many people a chance to spend a night in the tiny homes.

The Getaway CEO, Peter Davis, said that the purpose of this pop-up is to help people rejuvenate and recharge; to get away from the city and get back to nature and escape. This is something parks in Staten Island definitely provide!

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