New Safe Cycling Plans for Staten Island, Yet, Still No Citi Bikes Here

December 14th. 2016

Riding a bike as a mean of transportation has grown greatly in New York City and Staten Island is starting to action to it. The city plans to curb the speeding and improve safety for the cyclists, starting with Stapleton. 

The Department of Transportation has added bike lanes to the section of Van Duzer Street, Targee Street, and St. Paul's Avenue. This was enforced after concerns that cyclist will be riding too close to  moving vehicles on dangerously and narrow streets.  

In the summer, when the original proposal was made, residents attended the meeting of the Van Duzer Civic Association on June 7th, 2016, to voice their opinions where they felt the plans would put the cyclists in more danger. That proposal places cyclist too close to cars on winding roads and double parking during school dismissal. Since the meeting, workers from DOT made visits to those streets with the Civic Association and changed the plans to accommodate the concerns. 

According to the updated proposal, the city will add buffers to some of the bike lanes to separate them from motor vehicles, moving them from the right side of the road to the left side, avoiding collision with buses. It also calls for the city to look into adding speed bumps ("speed cushions") on several roads, but will not affect buses, trucks, and emergency vehicles, only slow passenger cars. The new proposal also eliminates the original plan to put in dedicated lanes. Instead, DOT will add shared markings to them. 

In addition to the new plans, it will also add more full-time parking spaces for the neighborhood and shorten crossing distances at selected intersections. 

After the meeting held last month, the residents were more in agreement with the new plans and supported them. 

As the biking population grows, we figured we would soon see Citi Bikes appear on Staten Island, but the city has no plans to expand Citi Bike into Staten Island, or the Bronx, anytime soon. 

CitiBike is a docking station filled with bike rentals. Using accepted credit cards, you would be able to rent a bike and use around Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and now even in Jersey City, New Jersey. 

It was said however that Staten Island would receive Citi Bikes in 2015. Why was it declined? Despite Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez efforts to get bikes in every neighborhood, DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg said that placing the stations in less accessible places makes it difficult for workers to distribute and maintain bikes.

Dot handles the planning for the bike-share system, Citi Bike, which is also run by a privately-funded company, Motivate. DOT is not involved with the Jersey City location, despite them getting slack towards the fact that Citi Bike expanded to Jersey City and is not even catering to all the New York City Boroughs. 

With the locations in Staten Island, it may be difficult for the DOT to get to those spots and maintain them with the quality of services they believe everyone should get. Instead, they suggested that Staten Island would be an example of a borough to have their own bike system. 

We want to hear from you! Are you in agreement with the new bike plans and hope Citi Bike expands to Staten Island? Do you disagree with the bike situation forming? Or do you believe Staten Island does not need bikes in general? 

What are your views on the new bike plan and citi bikes for Staten Island?

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