Homeowner of the 16-Foot T-Yard Sign Gets Hit With A Fine

November 22nd. 2016

Before Thanksgivings comes around, and we try to reframe ourselves from discussing politics at the holiday dinner table, let's get it out of our system with this opinionative polling: We are all quite familiar with the American Flag "T" sign that stands on a lawn in front of a home in Castleton Corners. The homeowner, Sam Pirozzolo, has been fined by the city for this sign. 

The massive "T" created as a pro-Trump sign was designed by local artist, Scott LoBaido. The original sign that was put up was 12-feet tall. When that sign was burnt down due to vandalism, the current 16-foot yard sign took its place in early May of this year. This large sign has landed Pirozzolo an expected $2,400 fine, that could go up to $10,000. 

Official records show that Pirozzolo's neighbors have sent in five complaints to the city once the new sign went up. The city rules are that property owners cannot put up signage larger than 12-square feet in a residential area. The 16-foot sign is estimated to be about 128- square feet. 

Pirozzolo was served a violation about the sign in September but choose to leave it up until two days after election day. Pirozzolo also stated that he will appeal the violation in the State Supreme Court, saying that this is an infringement of his constitutional rights. 

Cast your vote in the poll! Was this fine distributed fairly because he broke the residential area signage rule, or do you think it is because it represents Trump?  

Was This Fine Distributed Fairly?

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