Grants and Funding Providing Staten Island's North Shore With a Chance for Renovations!

April 3rd. 2017

The city will grant the North Shore neighborhood's that are considered Downtown Staten Island $1.54 million dollars. This grant will be distributed for the next three years. This amount of money will help the small local businesses and independent shops along Bay Street.

With private developments such as the Empire Outlets and the New York Wheel already underway, New York City's newest destination neighborhood needs little surrounding improvements. Within the next two years, the New York Wheel, a 630-foot observation wheel known as the tallest wheel in the world will open, along with the new outlet mall and various hotels that will attract many visitors to the area. New residential developments are also up and coming in the neighborhoods, such as Urby, in hopes to attract residents that would normally settle in Brooklyn or Manhattan. With all these efforts being put into making this borough more desirable, what is next on the list?

The grant money comes from the City's "Small Business Services Neighborhood 360 Grant". While Downtown Staten Island is one of six neighborhoods to receive the grant, money like that has not been spent in that neighborhood in years, according to President of the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce, Linda Baran.

Staten Island's North Shore waterfront is home to hundreds of artist and organizations. St George, Tompkinsville, and Stapleton are facing difficult challenges in planning for cohesive and quality public spaces. The granted money will be used to update the storefronts that have been listed as "poor condition" in the Small Business Services study, as well as disjointed streetscapes and abandoned areas. They will beautify the neighborhood, create public art like the 100 Gates Project, and build a new welcoming neighborhood for Staten Island, making our Downtown more appealing and attractive. The main goal is not just for Staten Island residents, but also for visitors to see Staten Island in a positive light it deserves!

A meeting kicked, becoming the first of a series of feedback sessions all a part of the "Future Culture: Connecting Staten Island's Waterfront" project. This project will work with the community to develop and communicate a vision for the renovations on the North Shore, including the actionable design, planning, and recommended policies to the public officials and private stakeholders. Just from the first meeting, residents shared many ideas on how to improve the community. The ultimate agenda for the Future Culture and to highlight the local culture by cultivating quality public spaces that will promote creativity, diversity, and enhancements along the waterfront and nearby neighborhoods.

With all these changes and new attractions happening, other small establishments are already getting adjusted to the change with renovations. A building that once held more than 30 apartments will be transformed into a boutique hotel.

78 Fort Place was planned to be a mental health facility but the community was extremely against that. The developer, George Christo, acknowledged the community's voice and will turn it into a hotel.

The hotel itself will have numerous rooms for the staying guest, and will also have a shuttle service that will transport the guest from the hotel to the Staten Island Ferry terminal. As well for the rooms and service plans stated, there will be a roof deck, gardens, gym, meeting rooms, a café, parking lot, and an art exhibition space.  

This will be the third hotel in this area, including the 190-room hotel that will be located by the brand new Empire Outlets and a 175-room Westin hotel that is coming to the $100 million dollar Lighthouse Point Project.

The renovations and additions to the North Shore will act as Staten Island's welcoming mat to visitors and new residents. What do you think about the grant money and future updates for the North Shore?

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