Five NYC Homes You`ve Seen in Movies

September 12th. 2017
New York City is the home of so many monumental moments in entertainment. Whether it be live on a Broadway stage or in movies, New York is represented in movies and shown to people all over the globe by just going to your local movie theater or turning on your television. Some of these sets are actual NYC homes and real estate. See below the top five homes/ apartments featured on the silver screen.


1)   Amityville Horror: 112 Ocean Ave, one of Long Island's creepiest tales originates from this home located in Amityville, NY. This beautiful dutch colonial was became a murder scene when Ronald Defeo Jr. murdered a family of six in 1974. Later George and Kathy Lutz, bought the home and left only a month later left due to supernatural activity. After that the home wasn’t lived in for nearly a decade. The address has been changed twice due to privacy issues and in 2016 the house was listed on the market. There have been several movies made about the home most recently in 2005
2) Wolf of Wall Street: For all you Leonardo Dicaprio lovers out there it may be interesting for you to know Jordan Belfort, owned property in Brookville, NY.  The portion of the film where Jordan meets his wife Naomi were filmed in a home in Sands Point. The movie is based on the stock market millionaire who eventually got convicted for fraud in the late 1990s.










3)   Breakfast at Tiffany's: The classic Audrey Hepburn flick featured a beautiful property on NYC's Upper East Side. What most people don’t know is Audrey Hepburn was not the producers ideal candidate for the  role and it was changed quite a bit. Scenes for the movie were shot in the living room of the apartment, and certain quirks included a bath tub cut in half that was used as a love seat. The townhouse in now divided into two duplex apartments.








4)   Eat Pray Love:  The home used for Viola Davis` home was once a firehouse in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.  The home features three  loft like floors, with beamed ceilings, skylights, and exposed brick walls. This 6000 square foot residence is currently split into 2 units. In the movie you can see that they even used the homeowners furniture although décor was changed. The movie is based on a memoir written by Elizabeth Gilbert played by Julia Roberts.








5)   Devil Wears Prada: This NYC fashion flick with Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway features 56 Crosby Street Apt #3A. The two bedroom, two and a half bath has exposed brick, Corinthian columns, oversized windows and thirteen foot ceilings. The property was listed on the market for over five million dollars and in the movie was the home of  Meryl Streep`s character Miranda Priestly.














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