Did You Know: The Future Updates of SI-DEX

February 16th. 2017

Welcome to the "Did You Know" blog; a blog that will explain all the functions you can use to navigate and use RealEstateSINY.com’s newest website, SI-DEX. This week, we are going to explain to you what you should expect for the future of SI-DEX! 


In our next update, homeowners can look forward to our Buyer's Database. SI-DEX will now inform you of potential buyers that may be interested in purchasing your property. Our database will match specific criteria that buyers are looking for with properties that meet their needs. On your property's page, you will see how many potential buyers there are for your home. You will even be able to interact with these “Potential Buyers" notifications on your property page, giving you contact to our real estate agents who are working with those buyers.

The notifications will tell you some information about the buyer and what they are looking for, such as a street name or price range. There may also be additional notes inputted by the agent about what the buyer is looking for or how long they have been searching on the market. You, as the homeowner, can then see whether or not those buyer's match closely with your home's specifications located further down the page.

On the site's homepage, there will be a ticker with a live feed of buyer's that we have coming in. The feed will update itself regularly as we add buyer's to our database. We respect our users right to privacy so only limited information will be available for viewing about each buyer.

Be sure to check SI-DEX regularly and check your home's market value. We have even more updates coming your way. The release of our Buyer's Database will go public by summer of this year!

Return back each week to learn about a different function on SI-DEX. Next week, we will have a full breakdown video on the question mark tool, user dashboard, and future patches! 

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