Did You Know: SI-DEX’s User Dashboard

February 9th. 2017
Welcome to the "Did You Know" blog; a blog that will explain all the functions you can use to navigate and use RealEstateSINY.com’s newest website, SI-DEX. This week, we are going to explain to you what the user dashboard is on the site and how to use it. 

The User Dashboard is your place to revisit the properties and searches you have saved. You can also see messages sent to you by your agent or from the SI-DEX system. We suggest that you check the dashboard often for updates and alerts. As long as you are registered on the site, any time you log in, you will be brought to your user dashboard. 
The Message Alert center is where you will receive your notifications. Such notifications include messages about changing values of the properties you have requested to receive updates for. If a property you are subscribed to has been sold or you have a direct message from your agent, you can also find these in the user dashboard section. As well as these notification being on the physical website, you will also receive email copies of all these alerts. If you do not wish to see a message in this section anymore, you can remove it at any time by clicking the light gray 'X' icon to the right side of it.
To the right of the Message Alert center is your Saved Properties and Searches. You can click on either of the alternating tabs to view your saved properties accordingly. While you are browsing the site, you can save properties at any time if you wish to quickly access them later. Your saved properties appear here as well as on the Property Search page
You can also save your searches. If you are using specific filters on the Property Search page, you can click "Save Search" above the search results then access it from your user dashboard. Click on the "Searches" tab then select any of the searches you see here. They will re-queue your search for you so you can resume it at any time.
Return back each week to learn about a different function on SI-DEX. Next week, we will be discussing the future of SI-DEX! 

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