Did You Know: SI-DEX

November 3rd. 2016
Welcome to our first "Did You Know" blog; a blog that will explain all the functions available to navigate and use RealEstateSINY.coms newest website, SI-DEX. For starters, what is SI-DEX?

It is a website that finally gives you a voice! SI-DEX is a free home valuation system for Staten Island Homeowners! The site gets its estimated values from public records and publicly recorded home sales. The database includes estimates for every single property on Staten Island.
However, what makes SI-DEX different from the other website competitors is that you can challenge SI-DEX’s professional estimate and request your property information to be reevaluated and possibly changed. (Just log in, search your home’s address in the search bar, visit your property’s page, and click the Request Value Updatebutton or Change Home Facts.) 

Another thing you can do with SI-DEX is comparing market values. You can do this by checking the Neighborhood Properties section on your property’s page. This section is located towards the bottom of the page, on the right-hand side. The website was also designed to be a powerful tool for sellers, making the process more transparent and convenient; no more jumping around multiple sites. 
Signing up for SI-DEX today will give you, the homeowner, the power to oversee your home’s property page. This means you have a say in your home’s value and information, being able to contribute in the process of evaluating your home by making sure all the information is up to date so you can get the best value! When you request a change, you will also be in contact with a local agent, who knows your neighborhood and area, rather than someone who has never even visited Staten Island. 

SI-DEX is a constantly evolving website and will only become more powerful over time, as it releases updates to the system in the future. Until then, we will work you through all the functions on how to currently use the website! Returning back each week, we will break down each of these functions mentioned above! Be sure to return next week to discover how to register with or without an agent’s code.

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