Did You Know: Receive Value Alerts From SI-DEX

December 8th. 2016

Welcome to the "Did You Know" blog; a blog that will explain all the functions you can use to navigate and use RealEstateSINY.com’s newest website, SI-DEX. This week, we are going to walk you through receiving value alerts. 

Receiving Value Alerts allows you to monitor changes in pricing that are happening with your home, or others in your neighborhood. When you set up and created an alert, you will receive a notification via email about changes within the market based on our free and full comparative market and generalized analysis from public records and publicly recorded home sales. This will allow you to know if there is changes in the value for your home, or other homes in your neighborhood, or homes you have requested to receive alerts for. It keeps you in the know without you having to be on the system. 

If you want to be notified when an estimate changes on any given property, follow these steps:

1) Login to SI-DEX.com

2) Search for the property you want to receive alerts for.

3) When you get to the property page, if you are the homeowner, claim the property. If you are not, click "This is not my property." in the prompt.

3) Click on "Receive Value Alerts" located above the media section on the left side of the page. 

That's it! Any time the property's value changes, you will receive an email about it as well as a message on your User Dashboard in the Message Alert center.

Return back each week to learn about a different function on SI-DEX. Next week, we will discuss requesting value updates!

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