Congressman and MTA Want To Bring Back Two-Way Tolls on the Verrazano Bridge

June 20th. 2017

From 1964 to 1986, the toll for the Verrazano Bridge was collected in both directions. The Verrazano Bridge switched to one-way tolling for drivers, paying westbound into Staten Island only. The MTA has plans on bringing back two-way tolling again since booths are being removed. Local Congressman Dan Donovan thinks that this is a good idea to welcome back two-way tolling.

Congressman Donovan had written a letter to the MTA to observe the study of potential traffic. His intentions are that he wants to discontinue the one-way tolling, which he believes is apparently causing problems. The Verrazano Bridge had one-way tolling since 1986, thanks to a transportation bill from previous congressman Guy Molinari who ended two-way tolling. This was a solution to stop the traffic that’s heading to Brooklyn.

It is not only Congressman Donovan who wanted to bring back two-way toll, but also Congressman Jarred Nadler who wants it back as well.

Due to trucks that are coming from New Jersey, thanks to the one-way toll heading into Brooklyn, the truck drivers take the advantage to travel to Brooklyn and Queens for free. Due to this issue that is why there is constant traffic, according to the Congressmen.

While summer is approaching, you will notice that several of the tollbooths in New York City will be disappearing, including the toll booths at the Verrazano Bridge. This means that drivers will be paying through E-ZPass or will be getting a bill in the mail to the address that is linked to their license plate. Currently, E-ZPass drivers pay $11.62 to cross the Verrazano Bridge, $17.00 for cash drivers. Staten Island residents get a discount on the rate of $5.74 to $6.84, all depending on how many times you drive over the bridge.

The MTA responded and will be looking into bringing two-way tolls back. However, we want to hear from the residents! Do you think this will be a solution to traffic or do you think it is just an unnecessary increase in our tolls? Voice your opinion by joining poll below or commenting on our Facebook page


What are your thoughts on two-way tolling for the Verrazano Bridge?

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