Agent Profile: Meet Elizabeth Del Priore

November 2nd. 2017

Our agents all have their own flare and thing that makes them unique. Meet Elizabeth DelPriore, she has been with since it`s opening in 2010. Elizabeth earned a Top Producer award at the age of 25 as the youngest Top Producer in the history of Staten Island in her first year and has been on the list every year thereafter. 




 Below is an interview we did with`s Elizabeth DelPriore:


1) What inspired you to get into real estate? 

 Elizabeth: I like to help people and I helped a man find a home when I wasnt an agent and I fell in love with the process. 


2) What makes you different from other agents?

Elizabeth: I am honest. Telling people the truth and my patience to help everyone find the perfect home is something I strive to do in every client I work with?


3) What tips do you have for people selling their homes? 

Elizabeth: Pay attention to the little things, makes sure the house is decluttered for viewings and that you get good pictures. Take a look at the agent you hire and their work. What are their past sales? How do their pictures look? How do they feature and market your listings? Those are things you should pay attention too.


4) What common questions are you asked by sellers? 

Elizabeth: How soon do I have to move and just assistance with the selling process as whole.


5) Are there any causes you`re passionate about?

Elizabeth!: Yes! I have been an activist for animal rescue and created a page to help lost and exploited animals find homes 8 years ago!  


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