Agent Profile- Meet Christine Romano

November 13th. 2017

Meet Team`s very own Christine Romano. Known amongst her clients for great customer service, consistent communication and strong attention to detail. Working with consumers and reaching the goals to create the overall product, whether it involves leasing, selling/buying or even with providing an accurate evaluation in the current market. She has built a solid foundation with consumers, and continuously gives them the highest level of reach through extensive marketing and proactive skills.


We sat down and asked Christine questions about herself and real estate. Questions and answers are below!


1) Whats your niche in the real estate industry?

 Christine: I have a true passion in commercial real estate.


2) What neighborhoods are best for commercial growth right now?

Christine: Staten Island has many new development projects that are great for buyers.


3) What do you recommend to someone looking to rent out a commercial space? 

Christine: Make sure you are working with a realtor who understands how to work commercial real estate.


4) Where do you see the industry going?

Christine: Real estate buying and selling is always moving and still is a great way to invest your money.


5) What do you like to do in your downtime? What are your intrests and hobbies?

Christine: I enjoy traveling with my family. Watching my kids play soccer and gymnastics. Having quality family time and relaxation.

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