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First, it is important to know that is a local real estate company on Staten Island. Home values are attributed to many factors beyond just that of square foot cost, recent home sales, and other generalized data. In fact, there are many factors in the value of a home that require a deeper look into specifics that are not always easily determined by numbers. If a specific home has a corridor that gives a view of the ocean, while other nearby homes that would be comparable based on square foot costs, age, and other simple factors do not offer this specific feature, then that may increase the property's value. That is just one of many examples.

Quite simply, we give you, the owner, the ability to request an updated value to your property by getting inputs from you and even arranging a visit to make a comprehensive assessment of value.

The first part of determining the value of your home is using information from various data sources, including public records. We have used a formula to determine a general estimate of value for any home or property. This includes recent publicly recorded home sales.

Using SI-DEX will give you, the homeowner, the ability to interact with a local Staten Island company that can help make more accurate assessments of your home and property value than just simple formulas. It gives you, as the homeowner, insights, interaction, and control over how we can get the right information in determining the value of your property. Its the best of both technology and the very human aspects of arriving at the value of a home or property.

Sometimes, not all information is 100 percent correct. If you are the property owner and would like to correct information about your property on our database, we can help. If you register and claim your home, you can request to change information you deem pertinent to your property can be adjusted. Some claims for property changes are simple and easy to verify. Others may require verification. Remember, you can only do this by being a registered and verified owner of a property.

As a registered user, you will be able to track the estimated value of your property for the entire time you own it. You will be able to change any given information, add details, and get explanations to why your home has changed in value. When you are ready to sell, and you use our company, we will be able to change the status that your property reflects. As time moves on, we will be adding features to enhance and educate you on how and what you can do to enhance the value of your home or property.

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